Makeup Information
Why hire a Professional Makeup Artist?
It is extremely important to have a professional makeup artist do your makeup on your wedding day or event. Knowing how to apply makeup to be camera ready is completely different from applying your everyday makeup look. As professional Makeup Artist not only considers your skin tone, eye colour, hair colour. I gage the application geared to the types of light sources that will be present when your photos are taken.
Why is a makeup trial important?
This is when we meet, discuss, plan and make your dream look come true. It's like a practice session in preparation for a public appearance. After we create your makeup look that is timeless and elegant, we will discuss wedding day timelines. My job is to make you feel at ease in every way.
What can I expect during our makeup session?
You can expect wonderful, relaxing, calming and personalized experience. It's a time for me to enchance your best features, ultimately creating the perfect look for your most special day. I will spend as much time as we need in order to achieved what you've dreamed of, lashes included.
Is there really a difference between drug makeup and professional makeup?
Professional makeup is made with better quality base ingredients which cause the products to have better and longer bearability, glide on more smoothly, crease and crack less often, and are often gentler on the skin. These products may also contain ingredients to help increase firmness, help with acne, and camouflage wrinkles. Professional makeup contains a higher amount of pigment (color) vs fillers. The pigments (color) are more finely ground, therefor making the color look more intense and truer. As well, professional products often have a wider colour range. High end powders are milled more finely, which help to create a flawless finish and is also less likely to contain irritating ingredients, such as talc. The sunscreens are also not high. The titanium dioxide (sunscreen) in drug store brands are more light reflective, which wreak havoc on your images. Professional makeup brushes as well, are crucial for a flawless and perfect application.

Makeup Course Information
Why should i book a Makeup Lesson?
The power of correct makeup application is undeniable. One of the common requests I get from the first clients is to make them look their best without looking like someone that they're not. Ever since I got into the industry this has always been my goal. I love the power of makeup- the way it can make you look stunning by being seamlessly blended in as if it were part of you.
My aim is not to showcase, but to bring out the natural beauty in my clients with skillfull application and a selection of great products, as if with makeup is how they naturally look.
My makeup lessons are often booked as gifts to friends and loved one and the feedback has been amazing - many clients wishing that they learned the skill years ago. I can provide beautiful gift vouchers upon request.
I have extensive knowledge of what works for different skin types and age groups. From teenage girls who are excited about the wonders of makeup that is relatively new to them to mums and grandmas who are wishing to look natural, elegant and youthful.
My understanding of how makeup translate into photography helps me to teach bridal and special occasion makeup even more effectively as both of these styles are very much aligned with photography makeup.
Where does the lessons take place?
Should you however prefer to have a lesson from a location of your choosing, this can also be arranged.
For whom are the makeup lesson suitable for?
The makeup lesson are suitable for the following clients:
  • Individuals who just want to learn how to apply better makeup themselves or
  • Bride to be who will not have access to the makeup artist of their choice and want to master the application of bridal makeup for themselves.
Whether you would like to learn a natural and everyday look, a style suitable for the corporate world or a glamorous and sizzling evening look I would be more than happy to provide the neccesary service.